Last Minute Cancellation Insurance

One of our Airline Partners providing Citation Mustang flights in Europe is committed to providing you with trustworthy and updated information, so that we can thrive together in business. At the moment, we are reaching out to communicate the following:

    • The Airline is tightening onboard safety procedures due to coronavirus and suspending flights to some Italian airports.
    • The Airline is launching a new additional service: a free last-minute cancellation insurance.

Due to the latest restrictive measures, the airline is now forced to suspend flights to and from the following Italian airports: Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo, Brescia, Parma, Venice, Treviso and Rimini. The restrictive measure came after the Italian government imposed a state of quarantine to last until April 3rd, 2020.

The Airline, however, still sees an opportunity for business aviation. The rest of the European flights are not disrupted. Over the past three weeks, on the contrary, they have registered a significant spike in requests and bookings.

To ensure the highest hygiene standards, they are now taking more stringent disinfection measures. Such measures include mandatory cleaning of the aircraft (to be carried out with sterile gloves) after every pax leg as well as hygiene kits being available in the cabin and at the disposal of both crew and passengers.  Their hygiene kit includes five packs of disinfectant wipes and three boxes of hand disinfectant. For the time being, they are not offering any cup lids to passengers.

They are continually monitoring the situation and shall provide you with updated information if relevant.

They are always analysing customers’ behaviours and identifying patterns according to historical data. The analysis and the recent fear spread by the coronavirus outbreak, which could cause irrational behaviours such as last-minute cancellations, have contributed to the launch of a new additional service for the benefit of the customer.

The Airline’s free last-minute cancellation insurance can be purchased at the moment of booking a and costs € 500. It grants passengers the right to cancel their flight free of charge up to 24 hours before the confirmed time of departure.

The insurance is supposed to enhance the passenger’s freedom and it is now available for purchase.  They are looking forward to hearing feedback from our partners and customers.

The insurance is available upon booking on the contract page of your flight.