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What is a General Aviation Terminal?

What is a General Aviation Terminal?

The wording “general aviation,” might be a bit confusing. In fact, the scheduled and charter traffic, with which the vast majority of people travel, differs from general air traffic or general aviation.

A General Aviation Terminal, GAT for short, is a special terminal at an airport where smaller and larger jets are handled. Primarily business jets from private individuals, companies and executive jet providers.

What are the advantages of a General Aviation Terminal?

Who does not know it? Endlessly long lines in front of the check-in counter at the airport. Problems with excess baggage. Trolleys whose wheels lock, annoying security checks with equally annoyed employees, crowds in the restaurant or in the newspaper kiosk and also at the “finger positions” at the terminal.

But business or private trips can also start in a completely different way: Our experienced team will help you!

When a private jet is ready for the flight, access is through the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). Check-in is all about you. Overweight luggage is usually not an issue. The burden of carrying your luggage is already taken from you on the vehicle that will take you to the General Aviation Terminal. The security check is carried out discreetly and not under the gaze of many hundreds of people. You do not have to plan the usual two hours for the check-in and you will be taken directly to the waiting jet.

The General Aviation Terminal is a separate area at each airport, usually with its own buildings and separate driveways and parking facilities if you use your own vehicle to arrive at the airport. The General Aviation Terminal is not “general”, but individual.

The private jet – far more than just luxury

Chartering a private jet to travel by air is by no means just a matter of personal convenience.

There are many good reasons to fly on a private jet, whether for business or other reasons:

Business charter:

Respond individually to important business appointments and don’t make yourself dependent on scheduled flights. Land close to your meeting location and arrive truly refreshed. On request, the chartered private jet can also be designed in your company’s corporate design. An impressive appearance at the business partner opens additional doors.


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