Daily airport connections from just €5!

Traveling with FlixBus has many advantages – extensive route network all over Europe, modern comfortable buses, Wi-Fi on board… However you are right in thinking that if you want to go to New York, Dubai or maybe Hawaii, buses are not your best option. It would take you about 65 hours to get to New York from Munich, not considering mandatory breaks for our drivers (safety first!), traffic jams and the fact that buses don’t float. We can’t make buses as fast as airplanes so we did the second best thing. We now offer frequent low-cost bus connections to 18 major European airports that operate flights to anywhere in the world!


What does this mean for you? You don’t have to limit yourself to the nearest airport anymore but rather select the cheapest ticket or most convenient flight and let us take care of getting you to the airport. No more expensive parking fees. No need to worry about your baggage . No more stress!

Did you know that there are 237 million empty seats on airplanes every year? That sounds like an opportunity to take more trips in 2017 – all you have to do is book a ticket and take a bus towards your next adventure!

Got a long time before your flight departs? Not sure how to kill the time? We have prepared some ‘missions’ for you to complete while you are waiting for your gate to open. Check them out below!

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