If you have booked regular charter flights (company shuttle) for your employees and would like to enable employees to easily book seats on these flights, our booking tool is the solution:

On our platform book-my-flight you can create, manage and change your flights and assign booking options to employees

Among other things, the following features are possible:

  • Flight plan (dates, flight number, routing, flight times)
  • Deposit of seating plans or number of possible seats
  • Automatic reduction of the available places after booking, also release after cancellation
  • Log in / booking option for individual passengers via email address, special ID
  • Booking (depending on the flight route) with name, date of birth, place of birth. Passport no., Issued on, valid until (so that you can send it to the relevant authorities), mobile no.
  • Possibility of assigning passengers to cost centers or projects (for works traffic)
  • Possibility of automatic notification of passengers in the event of delays / flight schedule changes or similar. via Whatsapp (or similar)
  • Catering requests (VGML etc), intolerances
  • Information on restrictions for pax (wheelchair, apnoe device, etc.)
  • Generation of passenger lists as Excel tables


Have we piqued your interest. Please contact us for a demo version.

Best regards

Your FlightTime Team

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