Airbus A340-600 for adhoc and series flights

From July 2019 onwards we can offer an Airbus A340-600 for adhoc and series flights.

Airbus A340-600  based in Germany

The Airbus A340 family of aircraft offers the quietest and most comfortable cabins in the sky, so your next trip with us will be relaxing and comfortable. Thanks to its four powerful engines, we can fly over waterways and long distances without stopping. The powerful engines and additional space in the cabin of our Airbus A340 make it the ideal choice for long-haul flights.

Equipment and specifications

The Airbus A340-600 has 42 Business Class and 275 Economy Class seats and, with a range of 14,600 km (7,300 nm), can reach very distant destinations non-stop.

Travelers in Business Class can enjoy our seating, which can be left 180 degrees, and sleep in peace. Luxurious blankets and cushions are combined with upholstered seat covers to provide extra seating comfort. Each of the 42 Business Class seats is equipped with a charging device so you can charge your devices when you want to work a bit.

All customers have access to the Audio Visual On Demand system and over 100 movies, including current blockbusters, games, radio stations and selected music. Noise reducing headphones will scotch you away from the cabin noise while you enjoy the entertainment.

Travelers can look forward to an exquisite a la carte menu as well as the finest wines, soft drinks and hot drinks. On board our A340 meals can be pre-ordered for the kids, to suit the tastes and needs of children.

PDF Download: A340-600 Offer