TV and Film Teams


There are so many aspects of any production to get right. There are production schedules to stick to, supplies and equipment to transport properly, and crew to bring as comfortably and economically as possible from one location to another. FlightTime can handle a good part of this organization for you. We offer you charter flights which are perfectly adapted to your schedules down to the last detail.

  • Charter Flights for crew and equipment
  • First-Class Travel
  • Impressive value for money ratio
  • Tailored flight schedules

We fly your crew and your equipment
With us as a partner on your side, you can fly your whole TV or film crew as well as all your equipment from one film location to the next. Our airline team is highly competent and extremely reliable. We have collaborated with much success with numerous large and small event management and travel agencies worldwide. We are happy to make our extensive network of resources available to you and your crew and guarantee a safe and reliable operation.

First-Class Travel and secure transport
With our first-class flights, film and TV crews travel comfortably and arrive at the next film location relaxed. Your filming equipment is also transported properly and securely, and we are happy to take care of any other logistic requirements you may have. It does not matter whether your film location is at home or abroad, because our airline team will tailor the itinerary so that it fits in perfectly with your schedule, and therefore keeps within your budget.

Tailored charter flights to suit your budget
When calculated on a per passenger basis, the cost of a chartered flight is often considerably cheaper than comparable scheduled flights. FlightTime offers you tailored charter flights which give you value for your money, and allow you to stay within your budget easily.

Enhance your flight experience with our optinal extras
In addition to the all-round excellent care provided by our airline team, and the smooth flight experience, FlightTime also offers a number of other optional extras, which are designed to cater to your particular requirements and preferences. We recommend, for example, the VIP service or our tried and trusted catering service. We are also happy to handle hotel check-ins or the logistics involved in transporting your filming and TV equipment for you and your crew.

Reduce the planning and organizational hassle of your production considerably and let us manage the challenges involved with air travel. FlightTime’s exclusive charter flights guarantee you a smooth, relaxing flight experience. In addition to keeping your transport and travel expenses to a minimum, we bring your film crew and their equipment to the filming location of the event. While a comfortable journey which gives you space to regenerate and feel inspired is no guarantee that your production will be a success, it certainly is a good place to start.

Contact us directly, and we will be happy to tailor an offer to suit you. Our airline team looks forward to working well with you.

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