Sport Events


It’s well known that sportspeople have to prepare mentally as well as physically for matches. The more relaxed the arrival and departure flights are, the more successful they will be in focusing on achieving their sporting goals. The organization of major sporting events requires a high degree of precision by all involved. Our exclusive charter flights, tailored to take into account every detail of your schedule, get sportspeople, trainers and supporters to their destinations on time and relaxed for the big event.

  • Charter Flights for sports teams & fans
  • First-Class Travel
  • Tailored flight schedules

Stress-free, first-class travel for sportspeople
Our many years of collaboration all over the world with numerous larger and smaller event and travel companies are the cornerstone of our experience. Our airline team is highly competent and reliable. The extensive resources we have at our disposal guarantee all-round excellent first-class travel. Whether for smaller or larger sporting events, we are the most reliable partner to have on your side. FlightTime reduces the stress felt by sportspeople to a minimum and takes an organizational load off your mind.

Often much cheaper charter flights for fan groups
Whether for domestic or international flight destinations, we also offer charter flights for groups of sports fans. If you calculate the per passenger cost of a charter flight, it often works out much cheaper than comparable scheduled airline tickets. This way even larger groups of fans can travel not only more cheaply but more comfortably too, and get into the right mood for their exciting sporting event together. For event organizers, this is also a good service to offer groups of sports fans because it is competitively priced. Our experienced airline team will give you value for money with its charter flights tailored to each sporting event and customer.

In perfect sync with your requirements and schedule
Organizing any large sporting event is an enormous challenge. So it’s great if part of the planning can be handed over to competent specialists. FlightTime supports your sporting event, your team and – last but not least – your fans, with perfectly coordinated flight schedules and everything our experience tells us you need when you travel. Apart from a smooth, stress-free journey, you also have optional extras to choose from, such as our VIP service or personal catering service. Our airline team is happy to make what you want happen, including airport shuttle and hotel check-in services.

Contact us directly now. We guarantee you an all-round comfortable flight and are more than happy to offer you a service which is best suited to your specific requirements. Avoid overbooked flights and let us show you what it means to travel in relaxed, exclusive style – we are what our slogan says we are: Your Charterpartner.

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