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Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft leasing refers to the leasing of aircraft to airlines or other companies. There are different types of leasing, such as ACMI, wet lease and dry lease.

ACMI stands for “Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance” and involves the leasing of a complete aircraft including crew, maintenance and insurance. This is a popular option for airlines that temporarily need additional capacity or want to test new routes.

Wet lease refers to the rental of an aircraft including crew, while the lessee is responsible for maintenance and insurance. This option is often used when an airline needs additional aircraft at short notice or wants to expand its fleet.

Drylease, on the other hand, refers to the pure rental of an aircraft without crew. The lessee is responsible for the crew, maintenance and insurance of the aircraft. This option is often chosen by airlines looking to expand their fleet in the long term.

It is important to note that the choice of lease type depends on various factors, such as the individual needs of the airline, the duration of the lease and the financial possibilities


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