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Whether you are looking for the best options for your corporate and business trips or a confidential VIP service, FlightTime prides itself in being an all-round reliable partner for charter flights right by your side.

FlightTime - Corporate Travel | VIP

Flexible Charter Flights at Short Notice
Our experienced airline team knows that time means money in the business world and is therefore flexible when it comes to organizing your air travel at short notice for you. Our exclusive charter flights can be tailored to accommodate the smallest detail of your requirements and schedule. For us Corporate Travel means more than just the reliable transfer of corporate and business customers in a corporate jet. We bring all those involved in the planned trip together and coordinate everything so that you have a completely satisfactory flight and travel experience. Let your employees and business customers fly with FlightTime.

Excellent VIP and First-Class Service
We have organized numerous smaller and larger corporate and business trips all over the world, and have also taken many different VIPs to all sorts of places around the globe. Our dedicated airline team is remarkably competent and reliable. Our extensive resources and excellent First-Class service guarantee you the best possible support, no matter how rigorous the demands of your organization are. Come on board with FlightTime – your partner in exclusive, reliable charter flights.

Relax While You Work – Even While Traveling
In business, things often get pretty hectic. Nevertheless, you still need to be productive and ready to roll at all times. That’s why you should use our private jets as your mobile office. Relax while you work – even when you’re traveling – and concentrate on those important projects. You can even hold discreet, undisturbed meetings with managers or business partners in our business jets. Give your business customers the opportunity to travel with you, and hold your important meetings in this exclusive space. Of course, there are no obstacles when it comes to our providing you with a tasty, stylish business lunch above the clouds either. Our airline team will arrange everything to ensure that you, your employees and business partners have a most pleasant trip.

Our charter flight specialists and business jets are there for you 24 hours a day!
Our specialists in corporate travel, company and business trips, and VIP services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We keep ourselves constantly updated on all flight conditions (weather, arrival and departure times, free airport slots) and can therefore react immediately and flexibly to any time delays or changes of plan. Keep yourself and your staff focused on important business projects and leave the challenges of planning, organizing and dealing with air travel up to our FlightTime airline team. As an experienced charter company, we take pride in being measured by our reliability.

Whether you need a private jet, our comprehensive VIP service or First-Class travel, there is no need to ask about all the things we handle: simply contact us directly, and together we can put together a solid solution for your project. Flying with FlightTime means Flights made to measure.

FlightTime – Air travel, perfected!