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Long Term ACMI Leasing

Airlines turn to long-term ACMI leasing as it provides an effective solution for a planned need and time period, while the lessee (customer) is not tied to the longer-term financial commitments and overheads of a dry or operational lease.

This measured approach is ideal for strategic expansion, testing new routes and markets, seasonal demand or for newly established airlines, as leasing a jet avoids significant upfront investment in aircraft, crew and maintenance, with minimal financial risk.

Airlines can also use ACMI leasing when forecasting maintenance schedules, rescheduling leases, delivering aircraft for their existing fleet and training crew. All of these operations can experience extended delays, and operators can anticipate these and plan the deployment of ACMI aircraft to meet their schedule with minimal operational and service disruptions.

Our ACMI leasing team has significant aircraft charter and leasing experience that spans four decades. Whether it’s providing aircraft for cross-regional leasing, wide-body aircraft for the Hajj pilgrimage, regional aircraft on PSO routes or summer vacation demand, FlightTime can meet your needs.

Thanks to our extensive global network, we have airline partners all over the world. Through this global network of operators and local relationships, we source aircraft in advance of projected demand to supplement aircraft fleets and improve fleet efficiency throughout the season.

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