Orchestra Tours

Orchestral tours need proper logistical planning and organization. The challenge is to get many musicians, musical instruments and other equipment safely and efficiently from an event in one place to another. With FlightTime, not only do you have our strong charter flight profile on your side, but you also have in us a reliable partner.

FlightTime - Orchestra Tours

Flight schedules especially tailored for the event
We offer affordable solutions and flight schedules which are perfectly synchronized to your event tours. Simply leave it all in the competent, reliable hands of our airline team. Years of experience in organizing and putting together charter flights for the entertainment industry, coupled with extensive resources and numerous international partners means that we can guarantee that your orchestra tours will run without a hitch.

Proper Transport of Instruments and Equipment
While musicians, technicians and other staff enjoy the necessary rest and relaxation in our comfortable first-class seating between one event and another, their musical instruments and equipment are safely and properly transported. Let us deal with all your logistical requirements. That leaves you free to get on with the really important things, while we do our part by reliably making a behind-the-scenes contribution to the success of your orchestra tour.

A relaxing and affordable way to travel
Be it on national or international tours, we ensure your musicians and tour staff travel relaxed from one event location to another. Our airline team performs extremely well even with very tight schedules. Especially with large group trips, tailored charter flights which include transport of equipment are significantly cheaper when compared to similar scheduled flights. Even smaller budgets can cope with this impressive value for money.

Perfect all-round care – from an ideal flight experience to hotel check-in
Leave nothing to chance. FlightTime knows exactly what is important when it comes to orchestra tours and what challenges have to be coordinated together with its customers. Whether national or international tours, we bring everyone involved and their equipment to every single destination on time. Our airline team accompanies your orchestra tour in each logistical phase – from the very first check-in to the last hotel check-out at the end of the tour. We help you and your staff find their way around when they reach their destination, give assistance in overcoming language barriers and on request can also provide excellent catering on board.

For music celebrities, we recommend our special VIP service. FlightTime are successful at managing even the most demanding tours. We keep your travel and transport costs low, offer your musicians and staff exclusive comfort in a relaxing environment, and reduce your burden in many ways when it comes to logistics. Simply leave it all in the competent hands of our experienced airline team. We take pride in being measured by our reliability.

There is no need to ask about all the things we handle: simply contact us directly, and together we can draw up the best possible plan for your event program. FlightTime looks forward to working with you.

FlightTime – Your charter flight partner!