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Helicopter charter

Why charter a helicopter?

A helicopter is often the fastest solution to get from A to B. It can take the direct route and is independent of traffic jams, road closures or unfavorable traffic routing. In addition, it is flexible and can use many large open spaces as landing areas without you having to travel to the nearest airport first.

When you rent a helicopter, you are free to determine the flight plan. Of course, this includes not only the start and destination, but also the schedule. Your personal helicopter will take off exactly when you need it.

Not to be neglected for some travelers is also the travel experience that a flight in a helicopter offers. Viewing the world from above and enjoying the view through large panoramic windows – it is not for nothing that sightseeing flights in a helicopter are very popular with our customers.

Charter variants

There are many different reasons for chartering a helicopter. Do you need to get to your destination quickly and flexibly? Or are you interested in the helicopter flight itself? We offer you the ideal solution, exactly fitting your needs. Of course, cargo flights and maintenance flights (e.g. for power grids) are also included.

Passenger shuttle
sic: In a helicopter you fly comfortably and safely, but also flexibly and quickly to your destination. This is especially often in demand to connect appointments at different locations. Businessmen, musicians and TV personalities are among our regular customers. But tourists also use our helicopters to reach destinations without their own airport or to be flown from there to the nearest airport on time. Benefit from our tailor-made solutions.
Group travel

Of course, a passenger shuttle can also be organized for smaller groups of people. But for many group charters, the exclusivity and the special experience of a helicopter flight also come to the fore. That is why many business customers rent our helicopters for an event. This can be an incentive for deserving employees, a promotion for important business partners or an event for major customers. On request, we can also provide the helicopter used with individual branding, for example with your company logo.

With us, all passengers are in the best hands at all times and can look forward to an unforgettable experience. If the group size exceeds the capacity of a single helicopter, we will make you an offer for several helicopters to accommodate all passengers. Alternatively, a single helicopter can fly the desired route several times and gradually bring all travelers to the desired destination.
Round trip flight

Wedding flight

Bridal couple with helicopter

For the most beautiful day in their lives, some bridal couples treat themselves to something special: a flight in a helicopter. For example, you fly from the registry office to the place of your celebration or set off on your honeymoon immediately after the end of your big day.

Of course, numerous other variations are also conceivable, such as sightseeing flights for the wedding guests or a creative photo shoot with the helicopter as a backdrop. It is even possible to print the helicopter with the names or a picture of the happy couple.

All about helicopters

Many of our passengers are not experienced in flying by helicopter and are about to take their first flight with us. Therefore, we would like to share with you the most important facts about renting a helicopter.
What are the costs when renting a helicopter?

View from the helicopter to business travelers

Unfortunately, the cost of a helicopter flight usually cannot be quantified in a lump sum. Individual sightseeing flights and wedding flights can be realized from a price of 1,200 €, depending on the situation. In the case of a person shuttle or a group charter, we cannot give a guideline price without knowing the exact circumstances.

Basically, however, we take the following factors in particular into account when calculating a price for your request:

The exact flight route is of course an important influencing factor. Even if the costs cannot be precisely broken down to a price per minute or per kilometer, a higher price can be expected for a longer distance.
The type of helicopter required, which depends among other things on the number of passengers, also influences the price. Large helicopters are usually more expensive than smaller models.
A short-notice request ensures that we may have to use a helicopter stationed further away, because all closer models are already scheduled. This can cause additional costs, while a long-term request and flexibility in the flight date offer some savings potential.
Last but not least, additional services can affect the price, such as a limousine service to continue your journey after landing.

After we have received these details from you, we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

What is the range of a helicopter?

The range of a helicopter is of course highly dependent on the model. Many common helicopters for passenger flight have an official range of between 600 and 700 kilometers. However, these are theoretical values at minimum load and using the complete tank capacity. Additional weight due to passengers and luggage as well as the retention of a certain fuel reserve ensure that the actual range of a helicopter is lower. For comparison, the distance between Munich and Berlin is about 500 kilometers as the crow flies.

Of course, all figures refer to the non-stop range. With a stopover for refueling, much longer distances can be covered. In reality, however, this is seldom the case when transporting passengers: a helicopter is considerably slower than an airplane, so that on these distances a helicopter flight is normally no longer worthwhile.
Number of passengers

The largest series-produced helicopter in the world, the Mil Mi-26, can carry a total of 82 passengers. However, it is hardly ever used in civil aviation. For normal helicopter flights for passenger transport, a capacity of three to six passengers can be expected, depending on the model. Common larger models offer space for up to 15 passengers. Of course, we will tailor your helicopter to your needs and provide you with the exact helicopter size that is appropriate for your tour group.
Suitable landing areas

Suitable landing areas

One of the greatest advantages of a helicopter is that it can land on many open areas and is therefore not necessarily dependent on an airfield. A suitable landing area is a flat surface without obstacles with a size of 30×30 meters. The landing area must be visible from all sides and must therefore be approachable.

However, the fact that a helicopter can land on such a surface does not necessarily mean that it is simply allowed to do so. The approval situation varies from country to country. In Germany, for example, landing outside an airport requires the approval of the authorities and the owner of the landing area.

Flying weather and night flights

Weather can sometimes affect helicopter flights. This is because most helicopters are only equipped for flight under visual flight conditions. If visibility is less than 800 meters, for example due to fog or or low cloud cover, such a helicopter may not take off.

A few helicopters are also equipped for instrument flight. Mostly these are police, air rescue or military models. But some VIP helicopters also have the necessary technical equipment. So if you need a night flight, it is quite possible to realize it. However, this usually involves the additional cost of a helicopter with VIP equipment, so most flights are made in broad daylight.

There is enough space in every helicopter to carry hand luggage. Whether you can also carry larger suitcases or other luggage depends on the size of the helicopter used and its capacity. It may not be possible to seat all passengers if larger amounts of luggage are to be carried at the same time.


In principle, it is possible to transport pets in the passenger cabin of a helicopter. The basic requirement is, of course, that the pet is small enough to fit in the cabin. Your four-legged friend may have to occupy a regular seat, which means fewer human passengers.

Also to consider is the noise a helicopter flight will make for the animal. Human passengers are usually provided with hearing protection. This is more difficult to implement for pets, so that animals with sensitive hearing quickly become restless and stressed in the helicopter. Feel free to contact us in advance if you would like to take a pet with you.

In many cases, flying is the least complicated and fastest method of transportation. But when does it make more sense to fly in a private jet and when is a helicopter the better choice?

You should think about a helicopter in the following situations:

The route is so short that it can be covered by a helicopter without a stopover.
Start and/or destination are so far from an airport that using a helicopter can save a long trip to the airport.
Start and/or destination are on an island without its own airport.

private jet, on the other hand, is the better choice in these cases:

You fly medium- or long-haul.
A suitable airport is close enough that you won’t lose too much time getting there.
You want additional amenities such as cabin crew, the ability to stretch your legs during the flight, an in-flight restroom, or special in-flight catering.
You want to be independent of weather and visibility conditions.

If you are undecided whether you prefer to start your trip in a private plane or in a helicopter, just contact us. We will advise you free of charge and explain the best option for your flight.

Your advantages with FlightTime

Competent advice and excellent service around the clock, plus a worldwide helicopter network and an experienced, international team: there are many good reasons to rent your helicopter with FlightTime. We can provide you with a suitable means of transport almost anytime and anywhere, and are happy to fulfill special requests. If required, we can also take care of your arrival and onward journey by organizing a limousine or cab for you.

Our offers are always transparent and free of hidden costs. With us, you pay exactly what was agreed in advance and experience no expensive surprises after the flight. Let us convince you of our service and reliability!

Helicopter rental in three steps

It only takes three simple steps to rent a helicopter from us. In most cases all formalities can be clarified quickly, so that we can provide a helicopter for you on the same day.

In a first step you contact us and describe the details of the desired flight. We will be happy to advise you and explain your options. This initial consultation is always free of charge with us. At the conclusion of the consultation, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote for your flight.

If you accept our offer, we will start with the second step. We organize your flight, take care of all necessary permissions and create a detailed flight plan for you.

The third step is already your helicopter flight. At the agreed time your helicopter will be ready for you and can take off as soon as you have boarded. Extensive check-in formalities as with a scheduled flight are not necessary for this.

This way you can rent your own helicopter with minimal effort. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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