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Luxury Travel Made Easy: Fly Charter for Your Next Vacation

Time and money savings are possible with business aviation. Although European businesses claim they can save up to €15 million per year in avoided overnight hotel stays (EBAA) by choosing to fly charter a private jet for their personnel’ business trips when these involve more than one stop, many people only associate private jets with luxury.

The freedom to reschedule your journey to meet your demands and, for example, arrive at home in time for Christmas, is, in fact, the genuine luxury of flying privately. Regardless of the length of your trip, renting a private aircraft gives you extra time at your disposal.

Aircraft rent is a smart business decision that can also benefit your health. Travelling by plane can be frightening for some people, who experience “airport stress,” which is brought on by long lines, unclear processes, and crowds. Private aircraft businesses reduce “airport stress” by boosting privacy and streamlining the airport process. When you are allowed to board away from the crowd, bring your own liquids, and travel with your cat or dog in the cabin, your “airport stress” will significantly lessen, allowing you to fully enjoy your trip.

We have posed the following questions to ourselves to better understand aircharter: Why fly private? outlining seven of the most important justifications for selecting private aviation this vacation.

1. Control over your schedule rests with you

Unlike any commercial flight, takeoff and landing times might be changed last-minute to accommodate unforeseen lengthier meetings or potential itinerary modifications. Passengers have the most flexibility possible, and it’s not unusual to reroute to a different location than the one you originally chose.

There are only 15 minutes of boarding time between arrival and takeoff: Private jet travel is popular because it offers a great degree of schedule flexibility, is speedier, has better boarding procedures, and carries no threat of strike-related flight delays.

Private Jet facilitates passengers do not share terminals with passengers of commercial airlines after they arrive at the airport. They pass through specialised private-jet terminals, sometimes known as Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), on the other hand. The FBO desk personnel welcomes visitors, and most of the time they can make themselves comfortable by getting a coffee or a magazine from there.

However, due to record boarding times, passengers rarely linger at the FBO for an extended period of time. As soon as the aircraft touches down on the runway, a limousine, taxi, or helicopter is always available to carry passengers to their next site.

2. You can boost your output by 150%.

Because there are no layovers between airports and no personnel working sporadically, business aviation results in a gain of around 150% in productive working time. When needed, Aircraft charter may also recreate the ideal environment for silence and focus. With private jet, this extends to letting your pet curl up next to you while you’re in the air, simulating the same productive setting as your home workplace.

Less restrictions on board and more room for carry-on bags and liquids would be beneficial for passengers. When travelling for business on numerous flights, passengers can visit several customers on the same day, reducing costs. Even though airline tickets are still more expensive than business class tickets, organisations and individuals can invest in productivity in addition to empty leg trips.

3. There are 900+ airports in Europe where you intend to travel.

Connectivity is increased via business aviation. The air charter for sport events are able to land at more airports than commercial aircraft, many of which are located in isolated regions and would otherwise be cut off.

Flighttime is able to operate in some of the most challenging airports on the continent, such as Sion, Bolzano, Zeltweg, Le Castellet, Braunschweig, Payerne, Samedan, Buochs (Lucerne), Melun, Siena, Salerno, Cannes, and Toulon, and is able to reach over 900+ destinations in Europe, including both dedicated private-jet and international airports.

4. You subscribe to a top-notch air charter service.

From the time you order your private jet flight online until you arrive at your destination, the private jet business is totally available for you.

–  Our Customer Care Team will be accessible 24/7 by email, webchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

–  Your personal travel agent will back your selections quickly.

–  You will only have one point of contact for the duration of your trip, and we will be pleased to serve as your one-stop travel agency for reservations of hotels, restaurants, offices, and even special events.

–  On board, you’ll find knowledgeable pilots who are prepared to assist you with your needs.

–  Excellent catering and the option to select your preferred food and beverages in advance will keep you comfortable during the journey.

You will be pleased with your decision to fly private for leisure if you have the opportunity to put your suitcase and heavier items of luggage like ski equipment or golf bags in a designated compartment. Back up and unwind!

5. You journey risk-free.

Private planes are designed to prioritise discretion and secrecy. When travelling as a team, a private jet’s quiet areas can promote focus and the discussion of sensitive topics. On the road to their destinations, travellers can talk about delicate subjects and get ready for their upcoming meetings. Passengers do not have to station in congested areas, which are more likely to be the target of terrorist attacks, thanks to FBO airport processes, which are meant to prevent intrusive queries from security employees.

6. You have more personal and family time.

Renting a private aircraft can save your travel time by up to two hours per trip, allowing you to travel more quickly and fostering a healthy work-life balance. You have more time to spend with your loved ones, more time to dedicate to efficiently preparing for your forthcoming meeting, and more time for yourself.

7. You support economic expansion

The economy indirectly benefits from private aviation. Both the aviation (aircraft operations, maintenance, and handling) and non-aviation sectors develop as a result of business aviation. The industry has a crucial role in spreading expansion from regions of varied socioeconomic status by increasing linkages between territory thanks to a wider network than the commercial airlines.

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