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Are you looking for an airplane or want to sell one?

We supply one of the most valuable resources in the world: TIME

In a world of virtual meetings and conference calls, a private airplane allows you to downsize, be hyper-efficient and be everywhere. FlightTime uses experience, efficiency and expertise to navigate you through the complex world of aircraft transactions.


Our Private Jets team specializes in buying and selling aircraft and will ensure that your transaction is simple and smooth. Our partners such as Gulfstream also ensure this.

Our key areas of expertise include financing, tax, legal, charter/management, OEMs and MROs. While the operation of aircraft is carefully regulated, the sales process is not. FlightTime can offer you a turnkey solution


After careful analysis based on industry-leading data, FlightTime searches globally for on and off-market opportunities and takes care of all the details of the acquisition process. We provide a roadmap to ensure our clients are informed and empowered at every step of the acquisition.


When you’re ready to part with your aircraft, FlightTime uses its tools, processes and industry relationships to ensure the highest level of transparency and return on your investment.

Our core competencies:

      • Marketing used aircraft
      • Support in the conversion and modification of aircraft
      • Support with the acquisition of helicopters
      • Support with partial ownership of business aircraft and hourly contingents


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