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What does an air broker do?

An Airbroker is the interface between a customer/passenger and an airline.

First and foremost, the Airbroker Brokers charter flights (complete aircraft) for individuals or groups. For this purpose, the Airbroker uses its large global network and finds the right solution for its customers. Be it a helicopter, a small propeller plane, a private jet or a large
passenger plane. Cargo aircraft and ambulance aircraft also belong in the portfolio.

From the charter request to the flight: groups here

  • Customer request
  • FlightTime discusses the exact requirements for the flight with the customer, ie flight data, desired departure and arrival times, number of passengers, type of aircraft, equipment of the aircraft, catering requirements, possible branding of the aircraft (headrest cover with customer logo, Etc.)
  • FlightTime checks the availability and the possible implementation of customer requests
  • Checking the offers and forwarding them to the customer
  • If an offer is accepted, the departure times will be coordinated and
  • Sending a contract
  • Detailed discussion regarding handling at the respective airports (check-in support by FlightTime, information on the check-in terminal and check-in counters, number of counters, display of the customer logo at check-in and at the gate.
  • Preparation of passenger lists and sending them to airlines and handling agents
  • On the day of the flight, a FlightTime employee will ensure that everything runs smoothly. On request, an employee will also fly with you.
  • Tracking of the entire flight so that any delays at the destination can be communicated and, if necessary, transfers can be rescheduled accordingly.

When organizing private jets, a short-term solution (within 24 hours) is often necessary. The process is similar to that for groups, but the private jets are handled at the General Aviation Terminal and the check-in time is usually a maximum of 30 minutes from arrival at the airport to departure. Here, too, FlightTime uses a large network of providers and can offer everything from a small Cessna to a Gulfstream.

FlightTime can also offer solutions in the VVIP area (e.g. aircraft with bedroom and shower). Here eg Airbus A319 CJ with 19 seats. We now also offer seats on scheduled flights if a full charter solution is not suitable.

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