Charter for sports clubs

Team spirit, fitness, fairness – three statements that every sports club is based on and that are lived by its members. Next to these there is another important statement to be considered when it comes to the well-being of the club: profitability. It can indeed be profitable, e.g. for competitions abroad or club events like annual meetings, to look into charter flights as an alternative mode of transportation besides train or bus.

In the field of charter flights FlightTime offers cost-effective full-service-solutions, geared especially to the requirements of sports clubs and teams. The advantages speak for themselves.

    • Cost reduction by using direct flights – without costly and time-consuming travelling to and from the airport.
    • The size of the plane can be matched to the number of travelling club members, thus avoiding unnecessary costs due to empty seats.
    • The flightplan can be tailored to your schedule, letting your team arrive at their destination without long waiting periods.
    • Bringing equipment on the plane will save additional freight costs as well as processing time.
    • Stress-free travel thanks to FlightTime’s first-class service and organization. You and your team can solely focus on the event ahead.
    • There are numerous optional extras to choose from, such as our VIP service, individual catering, and hotel check-in.

Away match, training camp, or board meeting – we will get you and your team where you need to be. Profit from our years of experience and travel the FlightTime way: comfortable, relaxed, and tailored to your specific requirements.