Mil-Mi26 for sale

Commercial offer for the Mi-26 helicopter and spare parts
We can offer the following aviation technical equipment for delivery from the Republic of Belarus:
1. Helicopter Mi-26, 1991 year, operating time from the beginning of operation - 1437 operating hours, assigned resource - 2100 operating hours, turnaround time - 600 operating hours, after 1 overhaul repairs at an aircraft plant in the Republic of Belarus in 2015, operating time after scheduled repair - 4 operating hours , technically sound, complete.
It is required to replace the blades of the helicopter, since the existing ones and the installed blades have expired.
The price of the proposed Mi-26 helicopter was previously 7 090 000 USD (5 820 000 euro). At present, a procedure has been carried out to reduce the price of this helicopter, the price for today is 3 225 000 euro (the price is current at the exchange rate as of 12/28/2020, if there is a significant change in exchange rates, the price may be revised).
There is a conclusion about the civil nature of the Mi-26.
2. We also suggest considering the possibility of purchasing the following spare parts for the Mi-26 helicopter (remfond, category 4):
Name of product
Unit price, euro
Intermediate gearbox 90-1515-000, year 1990
Tail rotor bushing 90-3901-000 ser. 2, 1990
7800 There are empty duplicate passports for spare parts. If you are interested, we will send additional information and photos of the offered spare parts. The prices for the offered spare parts have also been reduced.
3. At present, in the Republic of Belarus there is a possibility of carrying out the overhaul repairs of the Mi-26 helicopter on the premises of a specialized aircraft repair enterprise, which has a valid IAC license for overhaul repairs of the Mi-26 helicopter. Separately, the estimated cost of the overhaul repairs of the proposed Mi-26 helicopter in its actual technical condition is 4,9-5,4 million euro. overhaul repairs includes the following: - new sets of LNV and LRV (separately price is about 2 million euro); - repair of D-136 engines (separately, the price is about 1 million euro); - other work to bring the Mi-26 into flight condition; - preparation and execution of the necessary documents. Overhaul period: 8-12 months after receiving the advance payment. overhaul life after overhaul repairs by the plant: 900 m3 / h, 6 years.. The airworthiness certificate (SLG) will be received by the aircraft repair company after the demilitarization has been agreed with the Mil Design Bureau.
General on the commercial offer: 1. Prices are indicated on FCA terms - place of storage (Republic of Belarus) with VAT = 0%. 2. The helicopter and spare parts are in Belarus. 3. Payment is possible in any currency (Russian rubles, dollar, euro, etc.) in cashless payments at the bank rate on the day of payment. 4. Terms of payment: - helicopter Mi-26 according to its actual state and spare parts (clauses 1, 2 of the commercial proposal) - 100% prepayment or payment in parts, subject to the transfer of ownership to the buyer for the specified property only after payment of 100%; - the cost of the overhaul repairs of the Mi-26 helicopter - an advance payment of 50% of the cost of the overhaul repairs (clause 3 of the commercial proposal), payment of the remaining 50% of the cost of the overhaul repairs after the overhaul repairs plant has carried out the overhaul repairs before sending the helicopter to the buyer. 4. The presence of your representative is possible during the preliminary technical inspection of the helicopter and documentation for it.
Questions and time of the technical inspection must be agreed additionally. 5. We provide the entire package of documents for the helicopter. 6. After the purchase of TECHNIK ARM LLC, full documentary and customs clearance for export will be carried out, the cost of which is included in the offered prices. 7. Term of sending to your address: subject of negotiations, will be agreed additionally. Commerciual Offer for the Mi26

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