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Aircruise “Around the World in 24 days” in Fall 2024

Together with a client we organize an “Around the World Air Cruise in 24 days” in Fall 2024 with a private B757.
We have succeeded in designing a very exclusive dream trip for you.
The world trip will introduce you to diverse cultures, exotic islands, world natural wonders, architectural works of art and fascinating cities. You will visit historic cities such as Cartagena in Colombia, Santiago in Chile, Yogyakarta in Indonesia and Udaipur in India. The incomparable nature of the Amazon in Peru, the national parks of northern Australia and the imposing rice terraces and ancient forests on Java will leave an indelible impression on you. You will relax on Bora Bora, one of the most beautiful islands of the Polynesian Archipelago. On Easter Island, you will be drawn into the mystery of the numerous towering stone statues that have watched over the island for centuries, and on Java you will be amazed by the largest Buddhist structure in the world, the Borobudur.
Throughout the trip, the private plane is at the disposal for the group. The plane guarantees a lot of comfort: comfortable seats, perfect service and good meals prepared by the chef on board. We mainly fly towards the west which means that you always gain a few hours of daylight due to the time difference on arrival. Where possible we have selected for you the finest accommodations in the world, often in spectacular locations with magnificent views. Of course you are going to enjoy everything the world has to offer you culinarily as well, dishes prepared by the best local chefs. During this air cruise, let yourself be enchanted by our spectacular surprises that will make this world tour a truly unforgettable Journey beyond Expectations.
Brochure Air Cruise Around the World


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