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Aircraft leasing

Providing capacity solutions worldwide.

FlightTime is exceptionally placed to provide capacity for all aircraft leasing needs to airlines worldwide through our ACMI leasing division. Whether you require a last minute ACMI sub charter or are seeking additional aircraft to fulfil a busy summer flight schedule, our experienced team of experts offer a wide scope of options for airlines looking for ACMI Wet lease (long and short term) orDry lease.

FlightTime has a global network, spanning six continents and we have access to over 50,000 aircraft worldwide and are constantly monitoring the availability of aircraft and the latest regulations in each region. Our global network of airline relationships means that we can source a range of competitive aircraft solutions at the right price, by leveraging our local market knowledge and network of connections.

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Dry Lease

What are the benefits of ACMI?

An ACMI lease generally lasts between up to 12 months and is typically utilised for the following reasons as opposed to investing heavily in new aircraft as the operator would only be paying for the aircraft when it flies compared to carrying the overhead during the low season also:

Maintenance delays / Late delivery of airplanes

Planning maintenance downtime is the easy part, ensuring that there are no delays during maintenance or unplanned maintenance occurrences is a huge challenge for operators and can cause considerable schedule disruption or cancellation to service when this occurs. Such delays can be weeks to several months in time.

When faced with order backlogs due to demand, this leads to aircraft delivery delays for the Aircraft Manufacturers.

Seasonal demand / Network expansion

Each market and region will have a peak season and airlines will always be looking to expand their network by testing new routes and adding frequency to their schedule. Both requirements can be in the range of 2-6 months period (or longer) and operators will look to lease aircraft in to cover this need for additional capacity as ACMI provides the flexibility required whilst also being a cost effective solution.

Longer term ACMI leasing solutions ensures that planned scheduled flying is unaffected during these periods of uncertainty.

Flight Crew Shortage

Crews can be in short supply whether it’s due to demand, delays in cabin crew training or continued sickness. ACMI fills this void with the provision of the crew as well as aircraft.

AOG / Urgent replacement capacity

ACMI provides the lessee with replacement aircraft even at short notice. An aircraft and crew can be wet leased on a short term basis when airlines are faced with sudden unforeseen issues such as a technical fault with an aircraft or lack of available crew. ACMI minimizes service disruption whilst allowing the operator to isolate the issue in hand and maintain schedule integrity.

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Why choose us

Enhanced airline data and aircraft tracking software

Our software enables the close monitoring of fleet changes, C-Checks and maintenance schedules.

Unparalleled options

ACMI, aircraft wet lease and dry lease solutions. Increased buying power due to the number of contracts

Global coverage

High quality standard of service covering.

Quality assured

We work with IOSA registered carriers and ETOPS holders who are compliant with the highest airline quality standards.

Fast, reliable sourcing and provision of aircraft

Greater strategic flexibility, and proactive approach. Supplemental seasonal capacity and fleet optimisation.

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