Touroperator | Exchange of Cruise Passengers


Cruises are exclusive trips on which passengers expect reliable service in a particular degree. This challenge you face every day as a tour operator. With us as your partner, you have an experienced charter company on your side, even to master the most demanding requirements in the best sense of your cruise ship passengers.

  • Direct flights
  • Check-In on board
  • Baggage transfer
  • Synchronized flight schedules

Individually tailored schedules and excellent care
The airliner team of FlightTime supports your trip events with tailored schedules, excellent care of your guests as well as competitive prices. Often the costs of charter flights on the number of passengers are converted significantly lower than the prices for comparable scheduled flights. With us you can offer your guests a trip attractive added value and keep challenging budget projects.

Matched to ship turnaround times
As part of our special services for travel companies, you can implement the exchange of your cruise passengers smoothly and to everyone’s satisfaction with our airliner team. We offer low cost direct flights, check-in on board, cargo driving and flight times that are optimally matched to the idle times of the respective vessel.

On request, one of our employees will fly 1-2 days earlier to the destination to prepare the smooth check-in there. Our trained staff can also take care of the check-in on the ship, as they have all the necessary trainings (e.g. Dangerous Goods).

Benefit from the combination of our market knowledge and network in the airline sector as well as our experience in the field of passenger exchange for ocean tour operators.